Sunday, February 17, 2013

Richard Prosser (A post about religion)

What can possibly be said about this guy? For those not in the know, Richard Prosser is a NZ First (a political party) politician, currently in parliament, who recently made derogatory comments, in an article for a magazine, about Muslims. More specifically, he claimed that men that were Muslim, looked Muslim or came from a Muslim country should not be allowed to travel on western airlines.

Holy crapballs on toast batman! I'm not Muslim but I often joke about my "terrorist good looks". It's a joke about racial profiling. (The picture to the right is me in 2009. Yep, the beard is real) How many people talk about turbans when talking about terrorists? Yep - yet's just paint the Sikh and Akurinu (a Christian denomination) faiths with the same brush.

Islam is the biggest religion out there (actually the numbers on this vary. This link shows it being the biggest religion second only to those who practise no religion. This link, also on wikipedia, shows Christianity as being the world's biggest religion). A friend of mine pointed out that Malaysia is a Muslim country. So he wouldn't be able to fly.

Given that Islam is one of the biggest religion out there (I hate when things become ambiguous), I'm guessing that most people look like they come from Muslim countries. Of course, we're only really talking males...

At coffee I suggested to someone that religion didn't matter quite so much as the intent behind the religion. Would Mohammed have ever imagined suicide bombers?

I've got a great big criticism about what I've seen of Hinduism. My father, when he doesn't know the answer to a question around Hinduism, will tell me "that's for the Brahman's to know". At various events, weddings, funerals, other religious celebrations, you'll see a bunch of people standing around arguing over the "right" powders to use and in what order. Very few people would talk about the cyclic nature of the religion and would instead talk about the importance of beetle nuts or fire. The intent isn't foremost in their minds.

Christianity, can at times, have similar flaws. Knowing a passage, at times, seems more important than the meaning and certain passages, when taken in isolation, can be taken as supporting a particular position (we've seen this time and time again) rather than taking the entirety of the works and seeing it as a whole with an intent which veers towards helping your fellow man.

What would Jesus do?

Anyway - this post does kind of have a point... It's not the religion, but people like the "honourable" (There's an objection to be made about job titles that make an ascertion about a person's character) Richard Prosser, who corrupt the intent behind religion...

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