Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Now Without Ads!

I'm kind of obsessed by my stats on this blog. Sure, it's not a terribly popular blog but I find myself fascinated by the various trends. For example, when I started this blog, it was very obviously a New Zealand audience. In the last few months my audience has become predominantly American.

It's a little bit strange. There are people who I talk to on a regular basis who sometimes reference something I've said on the blog. I think I've said it before - writing a post is a bit like me talking to myself - so when someone references a blog post I find myself in a small panic wondering if I've thought out loud... which of course, I have.

Something in my stats has me scratching my head. For whatever reason, there's a link to this blog on a site about making money from your blog! The first listing on that site in fact - or rather, single page. Wait... Okay, so if I could make a living from being an egotistical ranter with a belief that everyone should be a hippy (a reference to something that Baillie said to me) I probably would. There's something really liberating about taking a subject that's been plaguing you and being able to put it down in writing and hoping that it makes some sort of sense.

And of course, sometimes it does! and there are some times where I'm looking at a post thinking "Well... that was pointless". For example, I don't think I did the whole poverty line bit justice.

I'm still trying to figure out a few more meals. Carbonara might be a starter - on the condition that you're growing your own parsley (or can get some from a neighbour/friend etc.) and you don't go overboard on the parmesan (though if I could find a replacement to parmesan....) then it might just fit in.

And a risotto is ALWAYS a win. Take frozen peas and make an incredibly vibrant green risotto. Thrown in prawns and use fish stock (or alternatively, a small splash of Thai fish sauce) and you've got a fantastic "seafood" risotto.

Agli-Olio with sardines is a brilliant way to get a bit of oily fish in your diet but needs some consideration when buying sardines (and still needs parmesan).

This is also an opportunity to look at the ways that different cultures treat food. Someone commented to me about the oiliness of Indian food. But from what I learnt of my father, a curry was something that was shared from a single dish with others with Indian bread (roti) - there was a limited amount of it and it was really just enough to get a taste. After that they filled up on rice. So the meal could be oily and the sweets horribly rich and sugar filled... because there was so little of it.

But I digress... I'm thinking out loud again. So I'm a little astounded. Some random person by the name of "Mary", who wants to show you how to make money from your blog, links to my blog - where I'm often talking about living frugally rather than looking for obscene amounts of money...

Of course... I have my price. If my blog ever got seriously popular I might be tempted. So, while I'm still not horribly popular (but surprisingly popular all the same), enjoy - this blog. Now (and previously) without ads!

Just before I finish this post, I should probably mention that I've invited Lynda (the author of that blog I've been ranting about for a few posts now) to ramble. I have no idea if she'll actually take me up on the offer (after all, she does get paid to write in which case, it might all seem like work) but if a post does appear from her.... well... I've warned you.

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