Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Into the Æther

In the last couple of weeks I've had a friend complain that his comments just aren't showing up on the blog. I'm not getting any sort of notification for it and moderation is off (something that has caused me to cringe at times knowing that there are a few impressionable kids reading this blog).

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I know some comments do go through the normal thing - Someone posts a comment, I get an email which gets me all excited and dreading the worst all at the same time (dreading the worst i.e. some intelligible message that would send me into a state of indecision as I tried to make a decision on whether to remove the content and essentially "censoring the man" or leave it up there and try and make sense of it. But some just don't get far at all. My Spam folder is also completely empty - something I find mildly disconcerting.

So for a few months I've been having a good old whinge about the one way nature of blogs. I really am talking to myself and I know there are people out there (this reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who where they're marking themselves every time they see an alien that they instantly forget) but... if no one speaks (types) a word, and there is someone there to hear (read) it, are they really there? Really?

Anyway, there is of course an alternative way to get in touch with me (though I still haven't tested that it works) if you might have a solution for me... Check out this post.

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