Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Media Gone Right

I never really thought I'd be writing this post. I loved TVNZ 7 but it still had the pandering populist news of other channels. Believe or not, I'm also a big fan of Parliament TV. Okay, so others can't stand it. It can be boring. BUT it's uncensored.

I kind of wish that it became a twitter feed. Tonight I'm watching the "Prime Minister's debate" - I'm not sure he's terribly happy with the way that things are turning out. All of the other opposition parties are in agreement that his speech was boring, uninspiring, lacked anything near substance. A bit like a meal at MacDonalds. Well - it's dinner. But... well... it just didn't seem like food.

I'm tempted to do the rest of this post in the form of tweets (minus hashtags because it's a favourite game of mine to pretend to not know what they are)...

Labour: National have not done anything to fix our problems. We rule - we had years of excess, National have had none.

Greens: National have not done anything to fix our problems. Their policies do not reflect the people.

NZ First: National have not done anything to fix our problems. They keep selling our stuff! Them foreigners be greedy fellas.

Maori: Treaty of Waitangi. National have not done anything to fix our problems. Treaty of Waitangi.
(Outside of the tweet... I really hate being dismissive of the Maori party but I just find them horribly uninspiring. Perhaps if their arguments were around what benefits people rather than just Maori and they referenced documents outside of the Treaty of Waitangi I'd find myself expressing a bit more respect. For what it's worth, I really do wish I could hold them in higher regard.)

Mana: Various children's associations (Kai!). Poor people got it bad. National have not done anything to fix our problems.
(Kai is the Maori word for food)

ACT: National rule! National have THE only leader. MMP=bad. Rich need $. Labour=handouts and less money for rich. Hard working=rich.

Alliance: State shouldn't make decision on retirement. We'll work with National though do things not popular with National.
(Actually, this just feels like a speech written well before hand to push their own agenda rather than responding to John Keys' speech.)

Unfortunately, I was watching the replay and that's about where it cut off. So thus far, I'm thinking I made the right decision with my vote. We need politics that focus more on people - in which case, I'm becoming more of a supporter of the Greens. I would like to see the Pirate Party take a look itself and become about a wider "politics for people" sort of a party.

While I find myself applauding "the media" for parliament TV, it should be noted that it's for the distinct lack of "the media" that I like watching...

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