Saturday, January 19, 2013


I went out last night...


  1. is there more to that? the fact that you went out the night mentioned. ?

    1. Nope. Nothing more to that. It's just an old geek joke. Get a couple of geeks into a social situation where they're not talking and eventually one will turn around and say "So, about that local sports team".

      Figured it might be kind of fun to play it out just a little bit.

  2. Actually, there's probably a couple of social commentaries in there.

    On the surface, there's the ridiculous amounts spent on sports people and the societal expectation that we help justify the ridiculous amounts spent on sports people by talking about them all of the time

    There's also the more social commentary on how sports is a, to me, rather sad way out of the poverty cycle. Helping a community get itself out is soooo much more interesting.

    There's the economics of it all compared to the positive effect to society and how that hero expectation can lead to exaggerated places - i.e. sexual deviancy (abuse) vs. the angel (clean cut, invited to the wedding of princes type).

    There's always more to it...