Friday, December 28, 2012

Google Going WAY Too Far to Protect Me

Every now and again I come across pages which apparently have malware. Often I want to proceed anyway but normally forget it as it's a bit of a hassle. This time I asked for details. is quite often a good resource and so I was wondering what the problem is - so looked for the analysis.

Am I reading this right? Could it be that Google are now censoring results? By it's own admission, Google have found no problems with the site. The site hasn't hosted malware, hasn't resulted in the further distribution of malware and currently contains 0 pages that resulted in malicious software being downloaded.

In order for the owner of the site to remove their site from this status, they have to add the page to their webmaster tools - essentially creating the requirement to have a Google account in order to get visitors from the world's biggest search engine.

This goes too far! It's censorship and forced membership... Definitely time to start using a different search engine.

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