Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unemployment - Day 1

I've got to do a post of my reasons for leaving the project and what I'm planning on doing sometime very soon. For now though, I thought I'd describe myself doing the whole unemployed thing.

First thing in the morning. Wake up. Fall asleep. Try to get up again. Mind mostly willing, body failing to follow suite. 2 years without break just way too long. Need rest.

Finally get up. Get dressed, go to office for debrief. Haven't had time to do so before last day. Find any lose ends. Boss arrives a little after I do - thankfully. Have a coffee and try orange V. It's not yet released but the best way to describe it - Borocca in a can. Genius.

Less loose ends than expected. Just got to get some decent documentation up on debugging and procedures. Got to start at beginning. Doing it in wiki form. Dokuwiki has left some things to be desired - doesn't help that half the admin modules don't seem to work.

Have a look at final pay slip. It's depressing. Probably not going to able to afford long enough break. Body gives a little twinge in protest.

Waiting for bus to get home. Get phone call. Request: "Can you please prepare some documentation for a presentation?". Agree to go to one of the school's on Wednesday. Promise to send in notes before day out.

Start writing notes on bus. Get home, rewrite fully as presentation. Hate slideshows. Always done badly. Mine look like notes for a speech. Actually... wouldn't mind doing the presentation next week. Still hate slideshows. Boring to present. Worse to watch. Only seen done well once - Lawrence Lessig last year. Felt almost sorry for the politician after him who's slideshow was the worst thing ever.

Finally decide it's time for lunch. It's 2:30 already. Turn on TV. Catch the end of a movie called "How to Eat Fried Worms". Apparently it has something to do with sticking a live worm down your pants and dancing/wiggling around. Wonder what school would be like with theme music playing all the time. Copyright problems. Even if school's have the rights to play the music, what message does it send the kids if the music is played loud and proud enough for everyone to hear? Broadcasting fees and copyright seem silly. Don't feel like lunch. Thankfully didn't get noodles. Eat it anyway.

Get email about lack of progress of documentation - give time restrictions, not at all surprising. Replacement doing my head in - not very autonomous in which case, EVERYTHING is escalated. I'm sure lunch would get escalated if it went wrong.

Mother has arrived home with double edge razor blades. Too expensive to buy in New Zealand - even Trademe seems excessively expensive so had ordered them from Thailand (off eBay). Might sell a few - brought way too many but always cheaper buying in bulk - can still beat the prices on Trademe.

There goes concentration. Death by a thousand "it'll only take you a minute" type tasks. Arguing over every individual minute can lead to hours of unpleasantness if pointed out that I'm trying to work. Sod it. Sleep for a couple of hours. Try again after 9.

Up at 6. Time for dinner. Japanese tonight. Wait until 9. Document. Bed at 2am. Need practise on this unemployed thing.

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