Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So I'm about to be unemployed again.

This is kind of an opportunity. I've been thinking about the whole employment process.

Say I'm looking for someone to employ. I am looking for a bunch of skills - actually - the skills can be learnt. The attitude means so much more. But HR want me to write up a list of skills needed. HR then employs an employment agency. They advertise a job. Applicants see the job listing and send in THE SINGLE most boring document about a person - a Curriculum Vitae. The employment agency filters through the CV's and pick the stand outs. They then interview/skill test. HR get a list of applicants that the employment agency think are suitable and present the ones THEY think are suitable to me...

I'm feeling resentment because I haven't really gotten a choice of the person I'm going to be responsible for and my original intention, of getting someone with a particular attitude, has been completely lost. The applicant is probably not all that happy because through the various levels of translation (from me to HR to an agency) - something that feels like Chinese whispers - the applicant potentially has no real idea of what they're applying for.

And it occurs to me that the applicant is quite likely the best judge of what position they're most suitable for. Perhaps the interviewing process should work in reverse?

What if people were to advertise what they wanted from a job and were really horribly honest about their shortcomings? This would allow people to find a job they could actually be happy in. Companies could then send some information about themselves, what they do, what their values are, why they think they'd be a right fit. etc. Imagine it - people doing things they were actually happy doing rather than "paying the bills".

So... I'm thinking I might see for myself if it might actually work. Get it out there I'm looking for a project with loads of heart to work with. Preferably with children and doing something that means something... In other words, watch this space.

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