Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Revolution

It's time for revolution. For people to start recognising the difference between a "technician" and a "engineer" when they're dealing with their I.T. needs.

I liken it to a chef and cook. A chef is a whole lot more creative - they seek something else. My mother. - she's a cook. She'll take direction but she struggles to create something new. When she does try to create something she seems to struggle to imagine a taste profile and so ends up with some really odd combinations (I like gherkins and I like ice cream - and gherkins, in the grand scheme of things, aren't entirely unlike Strawberries. They're both fruit...).

So I think the term "engineer" needs to be used for someone who looks for solutions. A good engineer probably looks for solutions with the customer/client in mind. i.e. RSync is a fantastic tool for backing up files BUT is a horror to use if you don't understand it.

I was trying to explain this to someone yesterday. That I don't call myself a technician because I look to find solutions. That the terms "Best Practise" and "Security" don't have the customer's needs in mind. i.e. Security is almost always a sacrifice in functionality or usability (i.e. security needs to be built around those things rather than the other way around and the effect on usability/functionality needs to be understood) and "best practise" is more about maximizing profit.

In fact, if your I.T. person is using those terms - kick 'em in the shins. Better yet, start looking for I.T. solutions that suit your needs and people who are willing to work with you to achieve those solutions. Loyalty in the I.T. industry is overrated...

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