Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reconciling That Image

So... that image... You all probably (hopefully) know what I'm talking about. My last post.

I don't often get to play the fool. I'm often looking on as teacher's play various characters in immersion assemblies and the like. Given my fear of crowds, that's probably not the best thing for me to do anyway.

Last year I wrote about showing the kids how to use filters in GIMP to create their own planets. This year, I'm at it again. I've gone for something a little more complex. How to super impose images. I'm sure there're 20,000 odd youtube videos for doing something quite similar though I think this is probably the easiest way (less cutting, more automated tools) to accomplish it. So here it is, the first draft.

If any of you use it, let me know how it goes - If it's overly complicated or is missing something (it's easy to take some things for granted). Of.. if there's a "hen" (or other typos) in there...

Remember, you can contact me "OffBlog" if you want to message me privately. Oh - and in terms of "licensing". Consider it a Creative Commons work - attribution would be nice (but I'm not going to get precious about it).

Update: I managed to get that image being the first image result on Google if you type in "Nevyn Hira". My parents are proud....


  1. PDF is pretty good, but I have a few thoughts:

    As you removed the background, you can point out that you can do a rough and over-wide lasso around your head as its transparent already, its only your neck that needs to be precise. In fact, you might as well overdo that slightly, then remove once the head is in place.

    The other trick you might want to mention is to soften the edges with either the fuzzy eraser, or fuzzy paint tool on the alpha channel. In either case, you can just dapple around the edge to give a smooth blend from your head-edge to the background image.

    Bonus points if you suggest playing with the color of the layer to help it blend with the target image.

    Hope these thoughts help :)

    1. Thanks Tim!

      Very onto it. Yep - I need to change that example to show that I didn't take any real care. Truth be told I used the magic wand (LOVE the wand).

      I did not know about the whole fuzzy tool thing. I'm hoping to run a few GIMP sessions as part of that Library thing I'm working on at the moment. Given that most people learn stuff from playing with it (and learn different things) would you be interested in taking a session or two or participating as part of a small group of people showing and learning stuff?

  2. A Comment has been made about the appropriateness of that picture - mainly that he/she is effectively naked. Anyone else care to comment? I think it a great shame if I had to change the picture. Perhaps I could just crop it so that it just shows it from the neck up?