Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Hand

I've been saying that I'm horribly tired. I'm also starting to get grumpy. Those things that I would normally let slide just really start to frustrate me.

A phone message left during the school holidays saying "if you've got nothing to do...". There's never nothing to do. I'm always having to make compromises and prioritise.

The assumption that there was a whole team working on developing the image. Not to take anything away from the "Hackers Group" - the group primarily asks not only the technical, but the ethical questions using their own time. They often help in the form of testing or helping via email but for the most part, it's me trying to keep track of all of the packages, what each of them do, what bugs exist or what development needs to be done and then developing based on the priorities I've set. It's quite an exercise in memory and concentration.

A comment today was interesting. "You need to work smarter, not harder" followed by "What? It's the same image on all of the machines?". I can just imagine trying to maintain 10 odd images (The image currently caters to 10 different entities). That would be pretty dumb...

The suggestion that I'm not doing enough compared to what the schools are paying. This one was interesting. I could be making a whole more doing a whole lot less (I have earnt a whole lot more from doing a whole lot less). Of course, I guess, if I'm doing my job right, they're not seeing the work that's going on behind the scenes.

A teacher saying "The difference is that you care". Does she not?!?

The attitude - the "Oh, I'm not technical. That's what you techies are here for". Firstly, that almost pride in not being technical, in much the same way as saying "I don't type my own letters. That's what my secretary is for". Hint: WE HATE THAT! It's demeaning. It's rotten. It's as demeaning to us as it is to secretaries. I've heard the argument that a computer technician is like a mechanic. "We expect it to just work and technicians are just there to provide a service". Of course, it falls down when/if those people only realise that I.T. people are there to help enable them - to find solutions. Secondly, I'm not a techie. I'm a developer/operating environment engineer getting feedback on my work to make that solution all the better (It irks me that I spend so much of my time fixing hardware issues - no I don't enjoy it).

I think I can count the number of people who have some idea the scope of what I'm doing on one hand with room to spare.

I can think of a few choice words to use... I'm not going to do that... instead - imagine I've said one.

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