Thursday, July 12, 2012

NetHui Part 6 - About as Terrifying but not as ... graphic as you'd think.

Just a note about NetHui - The NetHui is a meeting of minds about the Internet. Pity they couldn't provide anything near usable Internet for the conference. I can't express how frustrating this is.

I'm sitting here at NetHui in a rather awkward position. Steven Joyce is up on the stage self-pleasuring himself. Companies are exciting. The National government are doing all sorts of interesting things around UFB and RBI and momentum is building. Amy Adams has been talking about cyber safety. Throw in a few "e"'s (I thought we had moved on from "e" to "i") and you've essentially got his entire presentation.

What he didn't talk about, at all, is people. The closest he got: We need skills. There's a shortage of ICT skills (though I would argue that there are an awful lot of graduates struggling to find jobs and this is a result of the tough economic times. Companies aren't fostering skills - they're hiring them in. The shortage is industry generated NOT a result of a lack of interest).

But other than being a resource, people don't really get a show in.

Last year a few people got up with a passionate point or another. Today there seems to be a collective boredom. In terms of a presentation to be motivated by, Steven Joyce probably would have been more successful dropping trough and polishing the family jewels.

David Shearer, the next speaker, basically threw fabric at a brick wall to see which bits would stick. No content but what sounded like content - he didn't pause long enough for you to actually realise there was no guts to anything he'd just said. For all the effort he put in to engage the audience (none), he might as well have been talking to himself. (this felt like a lesser form of self-pleasuring).

Due to the appalling Internet, I'm only just able to put this post up (around 8 hours after having typed this post in a text editor).

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