Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NetHui Part 1 - Is "Safe" a sexy word?

Day one of Nethui. For those not in the know. Hui essentially means meeting (though it's probably a little more accurate to say "a meeting of minds"). So a meeting of minds about the Internet. It's a conference, now into it's 2nd year. Heavily sponsored and so the entry fee is really low. A mere $40 - for 3 days.

This low point of entry means that people of different walks of life can attend. I'm critical of conferences where the only way to attend is to get your work place to pay for you to go. So this conference is right down my alley.

So while I was in this conference I was writing a bunch of notes (I tend to go in with a pad and fountain pen - the idea being that as I transcribe things into a digital format, I have a bit more time to digest what I've heard) and realised that the best way for me to digitize this stuff would be to do it as a bunch of blog posts. I think I have enough notes for 3 or 4 blog posts? And that's just after one day with me having missed 2 sessions (more due to a lack of interest in what was happening at the time).

I'm going to go backwards - from the stuff fresh in my head to the bits from this morning.

So this evening's session was on a campaign run by NetSafe. This is an organisation that deals with online awareness. Things like avoiding identity theft, being aware of the dangers of viruses and the like.

Something did come up which is going to be a big point in my next post (on the digital divide). It turns out that some ISP's (Internet Service Provider) offer free virus scanning software but that the installation rate is low. What I find interesting though is that all seemed to center on Windows. We all know that Mac OSX now has a significant (although lower than MS Windows) number of viruses and portable devices are more and more like desktop computers. Thus, unless all of those other platforms are catered for, it's always going to be a bit of a token effort.

But, back to the topic of the post, I asked them if the campaign could possibly be "sexied up". Safe is so uncool. In terms of kids "Don't do that, it's unsafe" has a lot less impact than "Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself". ACC (The Accident Compensation Corporation - sort of New Zealand's way of avoiding the mess of frivolous lawsuits that seems, according to tv, prevalent in America) don't talk about safety on their ads. They talk about accidents. Australia ran a campaign where they used the term "Cyber Savvy". Manaiakalani uses "Cyber Smart". Safe just isn't sexy. It's not something to aspire to.

Of course someone had to take it too far and suggest it needed vampires.

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