Monday, July 30, 2012

Art Vibe

I've got a vibe again! The other day I was on the bus thinking about something and decided to take out my phone and take a few photos. I realised my battery was running flat and so rushed through town taking more photos. Nothing quite like rushing to get things done. So I ended up with a bunch of photos. Some good. Some, which if I'd just taken some time, would have come out great.

So anyway - once I had all of the photos it occurred to me that I'd be kind of fun to play with them in GIMP and see what I could get from them. So I've done 2 of them so far. I'm going to post them in small batches as I do them.

From Inside a bus. The weird whale/volcano thing was actually a lens flare but I kind of like the whole whale/volcano thing that it lends it. Taking photos out a bus Window is probably much harder than it looks. In this one, the original photo has a blurry road sign ruining the shot.

This is basically what I see every evening when getting off the bus in Britomart. The photo itself is actually pretty cool and didn't really need funky things done to it. But where's the fun in that?

I'm wondering if this could turn into a bit of a "Maker" game. i.e. get a few people together. Set time limits for going around getting photos. Meet up in a pub or public space (like a library) and then set another limit for "post-processing". i.e come up with one work that you're proud of using the photos gathered. I might pop down to TangleBall at some point and suggest it.

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