Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Long Time

It's been awhile since my last post. It's not that I don't have a few ideas. I started writing a post and then found that my perspective changed half way through it and it was a much bigger subject than I had accounted for.

And then there was the one about freedom. I've been finding myself uncomfortable about the trends in computers. Apple with their AppStore and no other way to install applications on iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and the difficulties this causes - not just to the user, but also the developer. UEFI (The replacement to BIOS) and it's secure boot specification (do we really need to be locked out of our hardware further?). I even find Android a little troubling (though at least you have to option to install from other sources) - try using it without the Android Market/Google Play. It feels horribly limited. But that's a post I just couldn't seem to get right either.... some other time.

I'm becoming more and more interested in the cycle of poverty. It's a bit of a distance between myself and my middle class peers. While they're sitting back and saying things like "why don't they just offer incentives for them to work?", I'm arguing that it's a lot more complicated than they realise. The psychological effects of never having had a job, and their parents not having had a job and their parents parents not having had a job leads to an infuriating sense of helplessness. So yet another blog post... How do you break the cycle?

I've been thinking about computer back ups. How should they be done? What are the misconceptions? Common mistakes? This I don't think would make a very good blog post... But still, I tried.

I'm wondering what the National party are up to. I said that we really couldn't afford National to be in for a second term. What I'm finding especially interesting though is that they didn't lie during the election. They pretty much said "these are our policies and we know you're probably going to have a problem with it. A vote for us is a vote for our policies". And they got in. Now there are the protests around asset sales - something that National knows is a problem for the majourity of New Zealanders. Otherwise they wouldn't have promised not to sell off state assets in their first term. And the budget... what was hidden? While we were all looking at Intermediate school class sizes, I'm sure all manner of sins went un-noticed. That's a blog post.

I've recently found myself having a hell of a connection with someone and realise what I've been missing - someone who gets it. This time last year I was hanging out with someone who didn't like kids and couldn't understand why I worked with them. This puts me in mind of some schools. Schools all have their own culture (often best observed from the staff room) and there are some female dominated staff rooms out there where having a "ahem" (think cruder way of saying "being male") is just kind of uncomfortable. Anyway, this connection has just kind of put things into perspective for me. That's probably all I'm going to say on this one.

Nominations for the New Zealand Open Source Awards have just opened. It's probably a good time to do a post on them - what they are, how they're judged etc.I haven't really looked into them too deeply myself. I guess I've always had this ... irritation with them. Wellington has a great Open Source community in which case, I've always felt that the majourity of awards are awarded to those in Wellington or are known well to the Wellington Open Source community (which is probably quite different from those well known by the Auckland Open Source community or the Christchurch Open Source community). Still, it'd be interesting to go over past winners and see if there's any truth to my suspicion (I've never confirmed).

That'll do for a "I've been thinking" sort of a post... The ideas are coming. The writing isn't...

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