Monday, April 2, 2012


I can't help but wonder if this is an April Fools joke. Suddenly a whole lot of billboards have gone up advertising "Battleship". Battleship? The movie?!?! Did they manage to fit in the line "You sunk my battleship!"? And just to prove it's real (in case you haven't seen the billboards), here's the proof - imdb and the official trailer. Disclaimer: I haven't actually read the synopsis or watched the trailer. I love the tagline though:


Given that it's a hell of an expense to go through for April Fool's, I'm thinking this might, scaringly, be real.

I can't help but wonder if Mine Sweeper: the movie is all that far fetched....

Just for completeness... there was a movie released back in 1943 called Minesweeper - it pre-dates the game by 38 years. Perhaps the game was based on the movie...

I was walking past the billboard again today when I noticed that the Battleship movie has been brought to you by Hasbro... Further shown on this site. Holy crapballs on toast. Not only could this movie be real but it might actually be based upon the board game.

If ever I'm in a position where it's the choice of watching it or gouging out my eye balls of the fun of it I think I could live without eyeballs.

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