Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Future of the Desktop

I can't describe quite how excited I am about discovering that gnome shell is customizable. This is something that no other OS/Interface has been able to do. Not to this extent.

And it makes this little niche a little more interesting. How do I describe what I do? I tell people I'm a "Consistent Operating Environment Engineer". The emphasis in there is probably in the wrong place. I don't care much about the consistency but rather, am more concerned about making computing an experience for the user. So a discovery like this...

There is a little bit of a barrier - I've never learned JavaScript. The idea is pretty new and susceptible to change. But ultimately, for someone looking to do some really amazing things on their desktops or are supporting a number of users who work in particular ways, this is the most amazingly cool direction for any desktop to take. It kind of puts the shell back into gnome shell. I am considering putting my notes up on my blog (once I start making notes) so this blog could have some useful content (heaven forbid).

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