Saturday, March 17, 2012

On the virtues of #unblog'ing

I haven't posted here nor on my own blog in a while. I'm probably not going to much anyway. I seem not to do blogs very much... they have a set of constraints I'd rather not deal with... so I'm using my own #unblog format:

  1. Publish using the tools of the web, e.g.

  2. Tweet (or post about it on FB, G+, etc)

    "#unblog entry: Title of Entry [URL]"
  3. Done.

The interesting thing about this is the number of different things you can post; anything from just plain text to code to pictures to drawings to... it's endless. You're not locked in to one vendor, either: if the privacy policy of a service or website doesn't quite sit right, stop using it. Find an alternative. It's really that simple.

The advantage of a blog over this is archival and findability. For these reasons I'll be working in my spare time on a kind of aggregator for #unblog posts. Watch this space:

I think that's it on this blog for me. Nevyn, I'm on Brentwood Ave these days, so I may bump into you sometime. Good-bye!

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