Saturday, March 3, 2012

"My People"

I had rather an odd morning yesterday morning. I was walking down Queen St when someone saw me and said "you're from Dominion Road right?".

He's someone I see from time to time. He's often drunk and asking for a cigarette. Polite enough so I normally do give him one.

Anyway, there was another guy with him. An Irish guy. He sort of just attached himself to me and asked why my people don't save the world. I was puzzled. My people? He had a list of 3 things though the one he focused on was "Mercury based antigrav engines". Apparently "my people" had invented them and the American's stole it. They apparently used them in the 2nd world war and they were called foo fighters.

He went to great lengths to tell me that my people should be using them as weapons and save the world. Being a pacifist, I was troubled by this. The answer to saving the world is weapons. This reminds of a conversation I was having with a kid. This child was afraid of a particular school because he was convinced he'd get beaten up. I said to him "Do you know the best way to avoid getting hurt?".

His response "Hit them then run away".

I tried to point out that hitting the person would only aggravate them all the more so it's best to just run away. But I digress...

After a few minutes of this I asked him exactly who he thought my people were. I was expecting an odd answer. Something along the lines of "the Martians". Instead he responded "Your people. You know, you Indians".

I told him that I'd only ever lived in New Zealand and so considered myself a New Zealander. He got a little bit frustrated with me after a little while. I'd persisted in saying "Dude, they're as much your people as they are mine".

He peeled off with one last "You should be proud of your people!".

I am. I really am. The powerbeat battery, splitting the atom, climbing Mt Everest, the uses of No. 8 wire, our work ethic etc. Even some of the traits I complain about like our lack of patriotism and seemingly indifference to politics. If being a people were just about blood, then we wouldn't have so much diversity and conflict.

Anyway - let's celebrate all the weirdos out there. They make life interesting.

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