Friday, February 3, 2012

If you saw me...

I'm tired... oh so very tired. I've turned my mind to quality control. How can I ensure the quality of the image? I've come across a few mistakes. The funniest one is that I tested the webcam before making the image and so all of the netbooks out there have a picture of me on it. If it was on purpose I would have struck a pose. Doesn't seem such a bad idea. Fun even.

I've decided to work this weekend (surprise surprise). The aims for this weekend?
  • New image incorporating some of the non-Manaiakalani deployments in the same image. (Plus fix mistakes).
  • Find ways of fixing the mistakes found this week for deployments already out there.
  • Finish the functionality for Keys to the Castle such as the ability to clone the stick easily.
  • Come up with a quality control strategy.
That last one is interesting. The problem is that the image always goes live to the end user. I've, up till now, always just been reacting rather than being able to put processes around things. So it's finally time to put on pants (i.e. cover my butt).

And my personal life? Well... it's non-existent. It's easier not to deal with it for the moment. I find myself wanting to write 16 year old poetry (and we all know how I feel about poetry by 16 year olds).

I offer this as an example of just how horribly pathetic poetry can really be.

If You Saw Me

If you saw me struggling with money,
Would you offer to buy me a pie?
If you saw me walking,
Would you offer me a ride?
If you saw me drowning,
Would you offer a breath of air?
If you saw me on the street,
Would you offer more than "hi"?

If you insulted me,
Would you apologise?
If you cared,
Could you tell me what changed?
If I couldn't go with you,
Would you understand?
If you wanted me gone,
Would you say goodbye?

Disclaimer: I am not 16 (Have I ever been?). And this isn't quite what I would describe as "16 year old poetry". I didn't agonise over any of it... The perfect words in the perfect order... pfft.

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