Monday, February 20, 2012

But the Internet in New Zealand is Pathetic!

Wow! I'm sitting here watching 3 news. Every time something like this comes up I also feel I should be more surprised that I am. The story?

Stephen Fry posted on twitter his frustration with New Zealand's broadband.

For the news story? Bring on a representative from Telecom and make sure the New Zealand public know that it was all Stephen's fault. If he hadn't actually used the Internet, he wouldn't have gone over his data cap (just think - the term data cap is short for "data capture" anywhere except New Zealand).  Reiterate that it was Stephen's fault, not the incredibly crappy Internet plans in New Zealand.

I'm currently paying $50 / month for 50 GB. $1 per GB. It's advertised as costing $40 / month. I could pay an extra $10 for 100GB - but that's $10 / month that I could save.

Dial up speed... you go over your data cap, you'll get throttled down to dial up speed. What the fornication!? Where else in the world would you find them using terms like "dial up speed"?

But quite apart from that, what is TV3's big interest in protecting what is essentially a crappy practise in New Zealand?

TVNZ went with Clare Curren's stating that Stephen just said what everyone here is thinking.

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