Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone

Well let's see. I'm down in the 'naki visiting Ian and Baillie. New Years Eve was fairly uneventful.

I got an email yesterday about the blog. That was interesting. It made me think that perhaps I should state that this blog is horribly self-centered. When I'm writing, I'm writing things from my perspective. How I perceive things. And there are things that I don't post. Loads of posts that get deleted. Quite often that's because I think it'll effect the people around me.

So what needs to be taken from this? The fact that we can be ships in the night at times. What I perceive might be completely different from the intent. And sometimes, yes - there's a bit of transference. Some of the things that I find most frustrating are the things that don't end up on the blog.

Me Me Me...

Anyway, enough about me. How do you feel about me? Let's face it. Blogs aren't a great way to converse.

So this time last year... I was talking about going to Micronesia. That never happened. I've quit smoking. I've got a job rather than volunteering. Actually, a lot of my volunteer efforts have since ceased. I haven't spent my Saturday doing testing for One Laptop Per Child for a while now though I'd like to get back into it. That can wait until after I've gotten myself settled.

Although I had to move back with the parents, I haven't unpacked - I've only really unpacked enough to live on. When Baillie told me I'd need to bring some old clothes with me I had to go hunting around boxes. So a bit to do to get settled. Find a flat, deposit, stress... Furniture and the like to sort out.

I've agreed to finally get my drivers license. Yep. 32 and I don't drive. I've never really had the inclination. I did a little bit of driving back in 2000. My flatmate would get me to drive her car home so that she could drive to parties but not have to go back and collect the car the following day. I realised I was a bit of an idiot. 50km/h feels kind of slow. So why put up with the frustration? Public transport sorts out that problem (though does add a few new frustrations). I have to say though - I really am going to miss the time free to read a little. I mean, time I don't have to specifically put away. It's already there!

I was talking about the idea of "trading posts". I've got some solid plans for this this year. I'm doing up breads. Unfortunately the proofing periods are quite long so this is probably going to be a weekend thing. I've gotten a couple of people interested. They've been talking about relishes and the like. The more I think about it, the more I realise this really is a brilliant idea. Just think about the amount of food wasted. Fruit or veges in the garden for example. And we've become a disposable society - we throw away EVERYTHING. Do we really need to throw away bottles for example? Could they not be reused? Especially glass goods which are easy to sterilize.

With the new job I've been looking at an estimate of my budget for the year. I realised I'm actually not going to have the excess of funds I was hoping for. A lot of expenditure is going to be based on the fact that I haven't had the funds to spend thus a few things have built up - IRD bills, a flat and deposit on a flat etc. This is kind of a good realisation. It means I'm not going to get sucked up in the "plenty of money" trap and spend spend spend. Instead, hopefully I'll be looking for ways to make things a bit more affordable. Trading food for example.

Oh - I got a new cellphone! I've finally jumped on the Android band wagon with a HTC Dream. It's actually a really cool phone - I'll post my notes about updating the OS at some point. I've only really just gotten it going fully today. There's loads of inconsistent and incomplete information out there. Go on - join the dork side. A fully functioning adequate phone (although, I've been having problems getting Angry Birds to work) for only $200...

Anyway - new year. No great expectations for it. Happy new year everyone.


  1. Our internet connection is working fine now. It *was* you.

  2. I've just had a look. Yep. Was me. There's an issue with a particular application I was running.