Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Final Stretch (Before the next almost immediate stretch)

It's Saturday and I spent most of the day at the office. In fact, I was so frustratingly engaged that I looked at the clock and realised it was 6:30. Ergh... time to get out of there. Still, I'm in good condition (I think).

I've had to drop one or two things. The rewrite of the initial login script? Right out the window. So the first impression is still kind of crap. Still - at this stage, it's acceptable. It has to be ready for Monday.

So my frustration with today? Well, it's not the same frustration as the rest of the week. Rather, it was the fact that clonezilla's documentation isn't really kept up to date. They have so many great tools that just don't work with their current version that it's just frustrating. So I was trying to figure out how to customize it. I needed python installed, which isn't installed as part of their installation. Still, I found instructions on how to customize it to my needs! Brilliant!

Except... apparently those instructions are only for including your own script. It doesn't seem to want to include the packages you've installed. Python is right out the window. "No problem" thinks I. Instead, chroot into the environment. Only apt doesn't want to work.... so that's no good. Next option... Ummm... build a clonezilla environment from scratch? Yak shaving!

What is yak shaving you might ask? You want to shave your yak. Only when you get started, you realise the clippers you have are blunt. So you need to sharpen them. Only your whetstone is no damn good. So you go about trying to find a whetstone. Only you can't afford one so you start thinking about how to make your own. So you go to the beach to collect some sand only to realise that it'd turn out so much better if you used aluminium oxide. So you get some aluminium and then start trying to think of the best way to oxidise it.... etc. and so on and so forth... when a pair of scissors probably would have done.

There's a great description of it here. In fact, if you ever hear me mumble "gloves" it's a reference to that story.

So next plan... Remove the dependency. i.e. don't use python. It's messy, it means I have to rewrite a bunch of stuff... but probably the best option for now. So there we go. I'm back to using the lowest common denominator - BASH. So it took me until around 6:30 to figure that out and then to start investigating how to go about it. i.e. where to put the scripts.

I was anticipating doing a late night to get those scripts rewritten. I've decided against it. In fact, I'm getting right out old. Despite my reputation as someone who gets hardly any sleep, I've been going to bed by 8 most nights. I'm just so tired.

So tomorrow - Sunday. Rewrite those scripts and basically get the Keys to the Castle (KttC) developed. After that, sort out my BIOS issues... It's going to be a fun day tomorrow.

You know how I'm always saying things like "That's massive!"? Well... a couple of guys at work asked me if I needed some help. Massive. Absolutely fornicating massive.

Next weekend (and the weekend after) I'm essentially homeless... anyone up for doing not much someplace? I wonder if there's any cricket on during those weekends...

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