Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Old Google...

When I left Google+ I didn't think I'd be writing another one of these sorts of posts. Kind of a "stop being dicks" post. But here goes.

Dear Google,

I get that Google+ just isn't for me as I am in support of the use of aliases. I don't get why you insist on changing my emailing experience. I like the look of it. I'm used to the feel of it. It doesn't suck.

Instead you keep telling me you're going to switch me to an all new interface. When I revert back you keep on asking me why and provide me with a link where presumably I should be able to tell you why I think it's rubbish... But then it doesn't lead anywhere. Sticking your fingers in your ears saying "la la la" while also saying "I'm listening" isn't winning you any friends.

The buttons no longer look like buttons. The screen layout changes dependent on where the mouse is. I can't get the side panel to act in any sort of sane way.

Now I know you know entirely too much about me, but you seem to have completely lost the plot when it comes to interface design. In fact, what would be really good is if you stopped trying to tell me what I liked and instead, asked.

Hell, if you'd asked, loads of people would have told you that it's the clean simple design that we like best about the client. It's not full of crap. It's easy to understand. It doesn't make me want to gouge  my eyes out.

Perhaps it's time I gave up on the web client and instead went to a more traditional way of computing. Perhaps this is a really good indication that cloud computing could just be reinforcing the control of entities such as Google...

Google... stop being dicks.

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