Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Animal Are You?

I just had a really quick passing conversation with someone. She asked about the work do and I replied "I really just need to get out with a bunch of geeks or a bunch of people who don't know what I do". I followed up with "When you have a room full of elephant's, no one notices THE elephant in the room".

Anyway, in her interesting way, she came up with "I'm always the purple cow. No one notices the brown ones. But the purple ones... Wow!"

I'm sure there are other animals... the ostrich? In the corner, head in sand, not being noticed? Comment.... go on... if you don't comment, this post just becomes a form of self gratification and there's a word for that..


  1. what exactly is a purple cow? i know the brown ones too but a purple on eludes me. ive even seen the green cow once of twice. those are delightful in a "lets have a fun night by chewing off our foot" way.

    can we cross specie? what about the wallflower who stands in the corner, or the sunflower that everyone flocks to..

  2. You're over thinking it - once you get to purple cows you can assume all rules are out the window. In which case, make up your own animal with it's own attributes.

    In the good ol' days I'd stand outside smoking all night and everyone would come out and see me. I'm not sure what animal that is... perhaps a unicorn (or skinny rhino)? Something everyone eventually makes their way to...

  3. hah, in the good old days you didnt have to go outside and smoke. everyone smoked anywhere they liked.

    i may not smoke anymore, but at work i did prefer to go outside with the smokers cause they will talk to each other. alot of the non smokers dont.

  4. I never really liked smoking inside. Actually.. there were sometimes where it was good. When I started integrating myself with pub culture, I would go to the pub in the evening, order dinner and then sit there at a table smoking, reading and enjoying a pint.

    I've worked at work places were EVERYONE goes outside - smokers or not.
    1. Night shift in a factory - you take the fresh air when you can.
    2. Inside the cafeteria was for having your dinner. Outside was for socialising. You could pick if you wanted to socialise or be alone.