Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tastes Like Medicine

I was saying to someone at work just how weird I've always found cola. Every other soft drink seems to have a fruit base, but as a kid I started to wonder what flavour cola was.

We didn't have the Internet back then. If you wanted to find out information on this sort of stuff... well you were well out of luck. Anyway, it was brought at a pub quiz a few years ago. Created in chemist as a snake oil. i.e. something to cure all of your ills. Headaches, stomach aches etc.

Being the over thinker that I am, I started thinking about the various children's medicines that are cherry flavoured. Thereafter, anything cherry flavour tasted like medicine.

But cola, really does taste like medicine. Hmm.... cherry cola....


  1. cherry cola isnt bad. mix raspberry and cola together. its quite nice.

    it was claimed to help cure those who used cocaine. and headaches. i suppose if you have enough sugar, it can cure anything..heh

  2. It was claimed the coco leaves and beans had all the medicinal properties.

    The sugar was something came a little later. It was first mixed with wine but due to prohibition, it was then sweetened with sugar. The addition of soda water was a happy 'lil mistake.