Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pretty Successful Regardless

Well another year down. I woke up this morning with an asthma attack. I haven't had one in a wee while. Nowadays it seems to be a sign of exhaustion. I saw myself in the mirror half way through today and realised that I hadn't shaved and that my eyes were just looking plain awful.

I left my cell phone somewhere the other day so I'm without that for the time being. I did want to send a text to a friend who shares her birthday with the common Christian solstice celebration but that didn't happen.

Anyway - so the food. The chicken was a little bit lacking... It could have done with a slightly stronger citrus flavour. The pizza dough came up perfectly! So I guess it not feeling right was just me being a stress bunny. Those who had the pavlova seemed to like it despite the fact that middle had dropped on all of them. The choice of toppings seemed to go down a treat. The brandy snap baskets took me AGES - cooking two at a time. While being a little thicker than I'd like, they were still brilliant. Right texture, real snap to them.

So I did end up dropping a couple of things. I didn't offer a kiwi fruit option for the pavlova. This was more because I was sick and tired so figured I could drop a couple of the small things. I only did one meat dish (Indian style grilled chicken). One type of pizza. The mushroom and blue cheese is never quite as popular as the caramelised onion, spinach and feta anyway. I didn't mash any potatoes. I was thinking about adding chocolates - made from the failed truffle attempts from last week - and perhaps even friands but they were the first things to be dropped. They're just fiddly.

As far as solstice feasts go, that wasn't at all bad. I had 9 people come through for a meal and 1 who didn't have anything to eat (except one of the pavlovas). So pretty good numbers too.

But enough of that. I guess what I really wanted to post about isn't so much the meal but more about the people I care about. Christmas always strikes me as a little bit weird. A lot of the people I care about simply aren't around. They're off with family or ... well... living their lives. I'd like to think those people know who they are - the ones I would like to wish a happy solstice to and miss on the day. The truth is, with my awkwardness and shyness, I'm not sure those people really do know who they are. Still - that's me all over. Doubting things...

Anyway - Happy solstice all!


  1. Thank you for a wonderful lunch !! I was soo bloated by the time i went to work..heh. but it was well worth. We all liked the bread (it was the first dish to go). And the chicken was nice and tender. The brandy snaps were a tad thick, but still nice. As was the pav, even tho it was flat on the inside. great space to shove the fruit and cream !!
    Pity i had to leave and goto work. Was a really crappy night..:(

  2. Last of the guests left at 10. Luckily mum had started on the cleaning up. I've got to deal to the grill pan (congealed chicken fat - Yum) today.

    You didn't mention the tree ;) I might take a photo and stick it up here at some point.

    Here's hoping your new years is a little better.

  3. Oh - and I realised last night... We brought some of those misfortune cookies from Hell Pizzas. Would have gone perfectly with the tree.

  4. oh definitely put up a pic. i did forget the tree ! it was a classic. even tho it wasnt evergreen :P