Monday, December 19, 2011

The Present

It's that time of year again...

Actually, I think that's completely the wrong attitude. At a certain time of year everyone fills out the malls buying loads of crap for people and then complain that they just don't have enough money.

What if, instead, you were to do away with presents for events. If for birthdays, you spared a little time. The same for solstice celebrations.

Instead, you could buy things for people when you thought of them. I did that the other day. I was out shopping for myself (kind of for the kids - I found some wireless mice going horribly cheaply so went to buy some as presents next year) and saw something that reminded me of someone.

This leads into one of my biggest frustrations. One of those things I can't seem to shake.

I gave it to that someone who's insisting on not opening it until Christmas day. This could mean 1 of 2 things. Either they don't want me to see their reaction (which could mean 1 of 2 things) or they are placing some importance on the gift (which could mean multiple things).

Bad enough contemplating what it means yet alone what each of the possibilities means. Life is decidedly complicated. And to think, I've never been especially good at chess, yet, in life, I'm always thinking a couple of moves ahead yet still being surprised. It's like I don't really live in the present.

Anyway, given that the present (no, not that present) was an off the cuff thing, I'm wondering if perhaps I should have put a little more effort in. Ahh well... at the very least it's not perfume (the gift that says you stink).


  1. Or, thirdly, Christmas presents are only supposed to be opened on Christmas day. That's the rule.*

    *Unless it is part of a workplace secret Santa.**
    **Or you have awesome parents who let you open ONE present on Christmas eve.

  2. Yeah that's all I need... more alternatives ;)

    Come on... workplace presents barely count do they? I mean, you accept gifts of cakes and mince tarts and the rest and of course, the whole secret Santa thing. Although, that's one of the possibilities. That person no longer sees you as just a workplace person.

    The really cool bit is that the person is going to spare a thought on the day... I really should have, at the very least, put a card on it.

  3. Okay - so I scrambled around last night to make a card. Between that and preparing the secret Santa I'm not sure I did that great a job on it.

    I'm horrified by the possibility that I maybe put my cellphone number in it.

    The awkward bit was when I gave it to her she thought it was something to supplement to gift rather than just a card. Unacceptable not to have a card unless the same person has given you multiple gifts (in which case, only one gift must have a card).

    Given that I'm pretty sure you read this blog.... Merry Xmas miss. Doing friand's (passionfruit and lemon) and coffee for breakfast Xmas if you're perhaps up for it. Child friendly round these here parts...