Thursday, December 8, 2011


I was in a classroom today where the kids were exclaiming

"Whoa! You can do anything!"

I was drawing a picture of Santa from scratch in GIMP (mainly using the smudge tool).

The funny bit is, they're right. I can do absolutely freckin' anything.

When I was growing up, I had started to teach myself to knit. I eventually had to get help as I was missing something. My sisters were taught to knit whereas, being the only male child, I found myself wanting to be involved. It wasn't deemed proper for a male to learn such a feminine skill. So I nicked a couple of needles and a ball of wool (I'd be fairly clever here and made my own ball of wool so that no one would notice - essentially only taking a bit of a ball). I'd watch closely trying to figure out the movements. Eventually someone saw what I was doing and taught me.

I've never been particularly good at knitting. I find it therapeutic. It's the perfect activity for sitting in a hospital room with someone.

So I was thinking about that. Sure, I hadn't been able to figure it out on my own by watching other people as I was trying to do (bear in mind I was probably only around 6 at the time). And that got me thinking about me using the smudge tool in GIMP to draw Santa Claus.

I brought a risk board the other day (don't get excited. I've since parted with it in a personal cause - i.e. under valuing it in the name of good will during the silly season) and was thinking about me hanging out with art students back when I was at Polytechnic (M.I.T.). We'd meet up once a week and play risk.

Some of those ex art students are still my best friends. We used to sit around finding pictures on the Internet to draw. Normally we'd sit there criticizing our own work. They were okay but not great. I'm sure I've still got some of those drawings somewhere. I was never happy with them but then, who has to be? I mean, it's not the result that matters right? It's this fun little activity. Sitting there working on something until you feel it's time to abandon it.

So anyway - my mission for this weekend. Go and buy some art pencils, find a pad (or buy one) and have a play. Perhaps even attempt to do some drawings of the staff photo (which I got today). Prove to myself that I am capable of crap loads of things and that variety is the spice of life.

Hell - perhaps even come up with something really interesting for the secret Santa this year. I'm told I'm only allowed to spend $5 (like hell that's gonna happen. Sorry those at Pt. England. I hate limits. I tend to just spend on what I think is a great gift. Last year's cost $35 but I still maintain was a brilliant gift). Actually.... I'm thinking bollocks to the secret Santa. I might buy small gifts (if I can find things that are appropriate) for the people I really appreciate there (even if they've never rubbed my legs - inside joke...).

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