Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Movie Tickets

Hooray! Drunk again. Blog post idea. Got and need things.

2 x Movie tickets. Got one last year. Got another this year. Anyone want to go to the movies with me? My shout.

Desperately need rosemary for Xmas. Anyone know where I can steal some from? I'm loathe to buy it.


  1. you want fresh rosemary or dried?
    i was going to say i had some, but i just checked my use by date and it expired two years ago !

    if you need some say so and ill get it tomorrow while im out shopping.

  2. Fresh. It's one of those things that loads of people have in the garden but don't know that they have it.

    Every time I've tried growing it it's come out stunted. In GI it's EVERYWHERE and huge... I really should just sneak into someone's garden out that way and steal some ;)

  3. dont steal ! ask them. im sure they wouldnt mind at all .