Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Over It

I'm in a hell of a sulk. After last night (yes, it was reactionary, and no, it had absolutely nothing to do with running into people from high school) I'm just feeling over it. 3 Xmas work do's down. Only another couple left. I'm not even all that enthused about the day the Christians stole.

It was a few weeks before Christmas,
And all through the land,
Advertising elves,
Kept dealing a bad hand.
The jolly old fat man, was hanged from the gallows with care.
While dances of saviours, sent images of fear.
Then with a ring and a chime, the mail arrived,
Bringing letters from IRD, the unscrupulous swine.
With an almighty groan, And a rolling of eyes,
Dreams of a full lunch, suddenly went dead.
With holidays ahead, and the people all gone,
It was time again to brace, for loneliness ahead.
With seasons greetings, delivered with dread,
You've got to wonder, why we don't fear it instead.
And with that I leave you, before I disappear out of sight,
Happy Saturnalia to all, and to all a good 7 nights.

That's enough of that... So I'm not really looking forward to the holidays. The lack of money (limiting holiday options), the amount of work that needs to be done, the lack of people being around and the deteriorating relationships...

Someone did say to me that I've got a whole 17 days (how depressing is that?) to get out of my funk in time for Xmas lunch. Of course, I still have to cook it - I probably will enjoy that bit if I'm not trying to scramble around for ingredients and can instead do a horribly efficient shopping trip (last year I managed to get a list, price it all before getting there and do the shopping in the middle of the night avoiding the rush).

Anyone got a big rock I could hide under?

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