Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wall of Shame

I really should follow my own advise. After months of asking people which courier company they'd be using when sending items my way and rejecting any that use any company of the Freightways group (New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste, Castle Parcels etc.), I found myself in a scenario where I wanted computer parts quickly and didn't go through the usual lines of inquiry.

Basically my hard drive died in my netbook. Well.... I was expecting it. So I figured, rather than a hard drive, I might throw in solid state drive instead. Hopefully it changes the user experience. Anyway, so I went online, checked out PB Technology and ordered online via credit card on Wednesday.

I then get an email the following day asking for a confirmation code.... on a credit card transaction? It turns out I needed to provide a 6 digit code which I would have to call up my bank for. Ring National Bank, answer the security questions, get a code. Asked about the code. It doesn't grant them any permissions or anything. It's just something their merchant system seems to want.

A few hours later I get another email from PB Technology saying that the code is wrong. Right. Ring the National Bank, answer security questions, get code. Ring PB Technology and give them the code as well as sending an email.

Friday - item gets handed over to the courier. Oh poo. New Zealand Couriers...

Tuesday, still waiting.

So on my wall of shame:

  • PB Technology. Why oh why do you have some weird requirement on something that the rest of the world can handle? Isn't the whole point of a credit card and online payments that things can happen seamlessly with no hassle?
  • New Zealand Couriers. Seriously. It can't be that hard! You're a courier company. Start acting like it! I've got an "investigation" going on it. An apology for the delay. Screw their apologies. I want the damn item! So much for "Point-to-Point". Closer to "Point-to-oh wait.... where is it again?"
  • National Bank. The guy I got the first time seemed confident and self-assured but gave me a completely different code from what it turned out to be. The woman I got the second time around was good and even went looking for the guy to find out what the hell he'd done.
So... almost a week since ordering. Brilliant...

Update: 11/11/11

So the solid state drive got delivered. Brilliant! I couldn't hold back my excitement. I was up till 1am that morning trying to get it working. It turns out that OCZ have a drive that won't work with most netbooks. There's an incompatibility between the drive and the chipset though they won't admit to the fault.

PB Technology, to their credit, offered me store credit or cash. So I exchanged the drive for an Intel one - 20GB smaller, but still, pretty damn cool. I got it into my netbook and had a 12 second bootup! Loved it. Anyway, the following day my netbook was dead :( D.E.D. Dead! The symptoms were that it would turn on though no output on the monitor or external monitor. Couldn't turn it off without disconnecting the power source - either plugged in or battery. Turns out this is indicative of a motherboard failure - $190AUS to replace (plus postage).

So anyway, while we're on the wall of shame...

  • OCZ - don't bother with 'em. They may offer the cheapest solid state drives on the market... but really. What's the point? If you can't trust that their gear is going to work with your gear and the company won't admit when there's a problem, it's just not worth the hassle.

Anyway, it turns out I'm now in the market for a computer of some description. My desktop is so out of date that I didn't bother taking it with me when I moved (there's an update on that - I'm about to do a post on it). The netbook is dead which was my highest spec'ed computer. So yeah... I'm now using one of the school's netbooks. This isn't a long term solution though...

Oh... and the fact that I spent $200 on the netbook only to have it crap out on me hasn't been lost on me... It's been a great week!

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