Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sometimes I think the most exciting this in the world is a blank piece of paper. It's got the chance to fly, to contain just about any information under the sun, to have a drawing on it etc.

So that last post - define exciting. It's possibilities. There was the potential of a post. A possibility.

This month I've been writing. And writing. And writing. I don't think I've ever written quite so much in my life. For every post that ended up being published, there were 3 that didn't make it. Possibilities. Tangents that could have gone somewhere - even might have had I carried on - but ultimately got rejected.

Just think - the possibilities of what you might have found out. The perspective I might have imparted.

The kids - when they've made a movie or written a story, discovered something new (today I got some little boys interested in tessellations after having shown them some of M. C. Esher's work - they've got netbooks and here I'm showing them how to cut and tape bits of paper together in order to make their own template for a tessellation), found possibilities for themselves.

So what makes a person exciting? Possibilities.

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