Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pecking Order

I was at a pub the other night having dinner after a failed meeting (the person was a no show).

Anyway, I'm sitting there and the person I'm with says to me "that girl over there keeps looking at you". Another couple of people joined us. A brother and sister pair. He then says something that I found a little strange at the time.

"Your pose is very aggressive like a gangster".

It wasn't until the following day that I realised what was going on. A friend had tried to explain the whole pecking order thing to me as exhibited in male humans (yes - I'm purposely being Sheldon like here). Actually, he was trying to tell me how to be higher in the order though I can quite honestly say - that's just not me. If you want to look like a douche, go right on ahead. I'm not going to fight for some position. It's classic though. I mean, an absolutely perfect example of someone trying to establish a pecking order.

The rules are simple - try and say something that puts the other person on the back foot but which they can't actually defend. What I find even more interesting was the fact that this guy perceived me as a potential challenger.

Anyway, about the girl. We invited her to the table and you can imagine what happened. He was on her like white on rice. He gave her his number though she very pointedly didn't give him hers. She left the pub shortly after.

So hey - I wasn't in the equation at all I don't think. But still - interesting seeing the whole pecking order thing in action.

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