Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Year

I just realised! I've now had this blog for a year!

A year of ranting and inviting a couple of others to post to it. It's been over a year since I started out on the Manaiakalani project. A year of growing (hopefully).

So yeah... a year. And some of you are still reading... weird.


  1. Guess we're gluttons for punishment :P

  2. Congrats! I might even start contributing again. I have some extra free time now...

  3. yay, that would be great !
    i have missed having something to read at work on my downtime. )

  4. Really? Extra free time? On top of what you already had? :p

    You're a mom.... no real thing as "free time".

    Anyway.... yes.... Please do. I'm sure everyone's quite sick of my whinging. Still - this seems to be the most active post in a long time. Comments... people are commenting. Trippy.