Monday, October 31, 2011

Things that make me happy

Now I know it's kind of a big 180 to do a post like this, what with all Nev's work of making this a blog about stuff we complain about. Think of it as a belated birthday present. (Just a quick note before you watch the two videos linked below, they have some naughty language which may be NSFW.)
  • Google Plus: Nevyn sent me the invite, and even though he's decided to drop out (this is the part where you can harangue him into rejoining) I have really enjoyed using my account. The benefits of Google Plus are: It's not facebook. Okay so that's really the main one. I don't really follow that many people on it yet, but the ones I do usually offer a better quality of postings than what you would find on fb. Also, no games requests thus far.
  • My Drunk Kitchen
    I think it should be obvious why this is a favourite. In fact, it's a proven mathematical formula: Candy + Alcohol = Awesomeness
  • The Waikato Times: So in my other web-based shenanigans I have a tumblr account called Bad News Puns and the Waikato Times seems to consistently provide the best material. See fine examples here, here and here. Please, never, ever change Waikato Times.
  • Kenny Rogers Jackass: Confession time. When I was a kid I unironically LOVED Kenny Rogers. I had a double-cassette (kids: This is what we had to use before MP3s) of his greatest hits which I made my parents play whenever we went on long car journeys. As an adult, looking back, I think most of the appeal had much to do with the fact that he looked like Santa. Anyway I have since found these clips on YouTube:
    Now this isn't the Kenny I loved as a child, but it's the one I adore as an adult.
These are just some of the things that brighten up my day (and boy have I needed it). What makes you smile?


  1. I'm not going to leave a comment because of the reason...

  2. Here's my list. I don't actually get to visit them a lot and there's some that I dropped entirely.

    The art work is AWESOME! i.e. don't bother if you don't like stick figures.

    Holly crapballs on toast man! There's a little something for everyone.

    3. Google Plus
    Okay - this was rather cool. I proved to my own satisfaction that it could actually be social. Pity about their douchey names policy. If they're going to provide an identity service, it's nice they actually created some value to the end user. Pity that the value to the end user is marred by the fact that it is an identity service.

    This is one of those nerd things where we laugh at one another or other people. Basically, the IT industry is just full of people who don't quite understand what they're doing and so come up with the most stupid stuff. Oh - wtf stands for "Worse Than Failure". Honest it does.

    I was convinced that it was a good idea to keep up to date on Linux news. It turns out, it's not that great an idea. It takes ages for things to stabilize to a point where they're actually useful. So knowing that there's a project working on doing your washing isn't much help. There are reasons why reading it is a good thing. But it really was a time suck.