Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Writing Blog Posts

I often have these ideas for blog posts. They sound great! For example, I had this whole idea about my name. It means no one. So while working on the project, you need a someone (this is what lead to the establishment of a hackerspace in Auckland), or no one. i.e. We've got no one to do this task...

But then I came to write it only to find that it all sounded... kind of crap. It just didn't read well. For every post on here that I've done, there are probably 5 or 6 that didn't make it on here. As I'm currently writing, I realise I'm reaching. I'm trying desperately to find something to write about.

I think Baillie has a similar problem. I quite often see partial posts of hers that never happen. I'm privileged that I get to, at the very least, see a stub of a post. "The 'cool' Dad" never happened. "New News, please" looks like a bunch of excuses as to why she hadn't posted for a while though I can't think of a more apt time for that heading.

Boy am I sick of news around the rugby global container for drinking (I'm doing my best to avoid using those words in any combination). And yes... we know 9/11 (why do American's use such a [insert expletive - I'm being lazy and don't want to come up with one myself] date syntax?) happened 10 years ago.

I'm finding myself wanting to be really horribly sarcastic about the international Rugby competition that involves a drinking vessel. Apparently in New Zealand we have both types of sport - Rugby union and rugby league. I know I'm not the only one. I would like to see the message on this t-shirt to perhaps be a little more bold in it's message. i.e. White sans-serif text on a black shirt. There's also the fact that the lead up to the rugby global goblet was a great big outcry about supporter's jerseys - which got more airtime on the news than the London riots or America's "financial woes" - and even more interesting - if you pointed this fact out to people, they'd then spend the next few minutes talking about the jerseys... Point out the fact that they've just spent more time discussing the jerseys and not the big news items and they'd look slightly confused.

So anyway, the message of the post that never quite happened tonight:

We're starting to get asked how to replicate the project. It's great and cool things are happening. How can what can essentially be branded "The Manaiakalani approach" be applied in other places?

Openness - EVERYONE should feel free to talk to anyone else. There's no point in keeping information from people because you want to avoid a toxic environment. I still think we could be doing this a little better. i.e. I'd wish people would stop trying to control my time by not telling me things like problems that they have or meetings they'd like me to attend. But for the most part, I think we do pretty well on this front.

Buy in - The people involved need to be committed to it. This is EVERYONE. The school, the principal, the teachers, the students and parents etc.

But most of all - expect that you're not going to be able to anticipate everything that is needed. Be flexible. Don't be afraid to ask around and get people talking to each other. And if all else fails and you've got no one to fill a space....

Okay - so the post still feels a little flat. For those of you who missed it, yes... it's a stub of a sentence with some comical effect - though not to great effect. Sometimes I think I'm too tiered for my own good.

So... in terms of rambles... This truly is one. I never knew how this post was going to look. I didn't have a destination in mind nor do I think I got there. And if you've gotten this far, you're doing better than I would.

So how do you end a blog post? Like this:

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