Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Bye Google Plus

This post contains language that some readers may find disturbing. Uptight parental units not advised. Children not advised. (Or just skip the first paragraph).

Well that's it. My social networking experiment over. I made sure I let Google know I thought they were being dicks. I put in a suggestion and added some feedback.

As far as protests go, this one was fairly easy. It's all over and done with. No on going commitment. Not at all like my DB protest. I still find myself tempted by a DB pub - mainly because I can have a smoke in comfort at the local DB pub.

I really just don't have the time. I was enjoying it. Interaction with loads of relatively random people. Discussions (some of which I really didn't want to have just because I knew I wouldn't understand their position) galore! And I have to say it's ultimately fun picking on random people.

Anyway, I wonder just how much of a protest this really was. I always imagined there was a sacrifice to be had from any good protest... and truth be told, I didn't feel it to be a great sacrifice. Okay, sure, I met loads of interesting people. But then, I went up to an Indian restaurant the other day and met some pretty interesting people. So interesting people are all over the place really.

What really ultimately upsets me though... I came up with a great thought just before I removed myself from g+. Given that it was my birthday but I'd had a hellish day and a late meeting, playing with Oliver, a baby, was very calming. Sometimes I think babies have all the answers. If only we'd realised it at the time and stopped crying about it.

I'm sure I wrote that a hell of a lot better last night. If you've followed me here from g+ - I really am kind of missing it. Still, meat space... time to do things in meat space.

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