Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Great Boycott

This post is far too close to Baillies... But sod it. It kind of needs discussion.

It turns out DB have won their defence of the trademarked "Radler". A search on the net shows this to be a rather generic term though I was surprised to see that, while the word itself means "cyclist", the term, when applied to beer essentially means shandy.

That is, a beer that's mixed with a soft drink.

So there are loads of calls for a boycott.

It's interesting to note that this is quite likely to effect a bunch of businesses. I don't often choose my pubs based upon the beer they serve. I'm more likely to go for the ambiance of a place. I do dread DB pubs to some extent. I miss a good cider or the comfort of a Guinness and Macs Gold isn't completely awful.

In saying that though, I don't avoid DB pubs. There are often reasons for going there. A Monteith's Pilsner goes down well with me. Really well. If it's on offer, I'm happy. The DB pub I do occasionally stop by does jugs. Now I know jugs tend to get a bad rap. They're a very social drink though. See how quickly you end up with a table full of people sharing in a jug or three and soon after a bowl of fries will appear. None of the uncomfortable feeling that you're about to get stung when it's your round.

Given that I'm an open source sort of guy and will make compromises for what I feel is moral and right, I'm quite willing to boycott that pub and any others which are DB pubs. So that means I'll be avoiding (Actually.... this is probably a pretty good start of a list):

Those are the ones I could find online.

If you have more to add (Auckland only or otherwise the list would be insane), leave a comment and I'll add them to the list. Remembering that even if you don't drink DB products, the best way to show your disgust is to hit DB in the pockets (Yay capitalism?) - or, in the case of most of these pubs, a partner of DB (Barworks).

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