Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google Plus

I know I've said previously that I don't like social networking. It's true. I don't. For the most part, I just don't get it. I don't understand the hype or the enthusiasm people show towards it. I want the word social back - as far as I'm concerned it never means sitting behind my computer.

Actually... that's not strictly true. In the good old days when I first got a computer (or at least, an IBM compatible - before that I had an Amstrad and before that an ancient TRS-80 based laptop thing) my friends and I would all get our computers into the same room and network the machines together and play games. We'd be behind our computers but we'd be talking to each other.

Anyway, the short of it is, I finally gave in to the Google Plus hype. People kept sending me invitations and registrations were open. What I wasn't expecting was what I saw when I got there.

The only content I seem to be able to find is a bunch of tacky advertising for Google Plus. Confirmation that it's better than Facebook. The question though... How? The chat function is exactly like what you'd get in GMail. Sending a private message is something you'd have to look up in order to figure out. The "home" page is much like having an rss feed into people's blog. There's no development community such as that which came up with Farmville and other value add features.

Not that I'm saying that Facebook is good. It's just, if you're going to claim something is better than something else.... should you not quantify that claim? Remembering that Google attempted social networking previously, are they banking on hype now?

I want a t-shirt. "I'm a first generation Google+ user and all I found was unsubstantiated claims".


  1. Like all social things, you need contact you know for it to be any good. Welcome to look me up ... thetoolman at gmail.

  2. Social sites arent for everyone thats true. But for those who are unable to get out of the house, or travel very far. For those who like to keep track of family members overseas, its so much easier.

    I have a huge family, and unfortunately the only time i see any of them is at a funeral. On facebook you can enjoy the new additions to the family, see how family members have grown and keep in contact other than at a funeral.