Friday, April 29, 2011

We Aren't Royalists... Are We?

I was so sure that the media attention the Royal wedding was getting was just the media finding something to latch on to. I mean, today in the news - it was the royal wedding then the 200 odd people (probably more like 300 now) dead in America due to freak cyclones and finally the struggle of the farmers in Hawkes Bay following the floods. And while watching "Back Benches" the other day they took a quick poll of those who would watch the wedding. It was fairly conclusive. No one's interested.

I've been feeling a little down. Over the last 2 weeks I've only really seen a friend I'm tutoring at the moment (and by tutoring I mean helping him while we catch up) and the fantastic people of the OLPC group. But it's kind of felt like work. One I'm tutoring and the other I'm helping with software testing. Given that and me being sick for the last week and I've just been feeling kind of lonely.

So today I glammed myself up. I marvelled over my weight loss during the year - I can wear a shirt which is tapered in that way that it looks ultimately crap if you're a little overweight. So being all glammed up I decided to text some friends to see if they wanted to go out for a drink. They both got back to me but they were, the both of them, going out to wedding parties. It's not that they were particularly interested. One text back with an imagined rolling of the eyes (inferred by the tone of the text) and the other was going to keep a friend company whose wife was holding a party.

So it just wasn't going to be my night. I did think about going out and watching the breakers game but the shirt I described earlier requires cuff links - which I can't find. It's probably a good thing. It means I could give Ian and Baillie and call and hopefully spend some time doing the things that have been bothering me (such as my room).

So I called and got Baillie - who promptly asked "Why are you disturbing me while the wedding's on?". A little more conversation and it turns out she wasn't just watching the TV coverage, but having found herself frustrated by the Australian accents, was also watching a live Canadian feed on the Internet. There was a bit of an explanation as to why she had chosen this feed, but I'm choosing not to relate it.

Anyway, even though most of my friends aren't that into it, they're all being affected by it in some way. I still don't think the fact that a royal wedding was going to happen should have been the main story for the news.

Oh and while I'm here writing - this has been a record month! Not much of a record so far - 7 more hits than December - but still an indication that I've got an audience. I so love the sound of my own typing and if I have an audience it's an excuse to do it more.

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