Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sad State of the Labour Party

I know I've spoken about this before.

In fact, the original name of the post was "Can Labour Win with Phil Goff at the Helm?" until I actually wrote the post and decided a title with Chris Carter rounded the post off nicely.

Unfortunately, things haven't improved since I wrote that post back in October last year. Phil Goff is at least getting on the news. However, it's still on a platform of negative politics.

Once again there's descent within the Labour Party when it needs to be at full strength. First Chris Carter, then Darren Hughes and now Judith Tizard. While I'm no fan of Judith Tizard after the whole Section 92A debacle, I do think that the Labour Party needs to be at full strength. Once again we're going into an election unable to have faith in either of the majour parties.

I think National is what we needed 3 years ago but we simply can not afford to have them for another term. Those 4 years should have given the Labour Party time to grow but instead it just feels like it's flailed.

Has the Labour Party had any positive media in this time?

Again I'm saying to myself "New Zealand deserves better". We aren't quite a two party system but we might as well be.

So what are our choices when neither party seems to be offering what New Zealand so desperately needs?

Vote for one of the smaller parties? I would probably vote for Progressive if it wasn't for their rather egotistical use of Jim Anderton's name in the party name (it's called "Jim Anderton's Progressive Party") giving it the feel of a single policy party - can anyone say "Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party"?

Not vote at all? Sure, you can't complain about who gets in but then, if there are significantly lower votes than usual, will that send a message? That we're not happy with either choice?

Vote Labour regardless of it's apparent instability? Go the way of National and see state assets get sold?

We've got until November to decide. Let's hope Labour can pull it together by then.

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