Thursday, April 14, 2011

Labour's Jelly Like Spine

I've been ranting and raving about how we can't afford for National to be in power for another term and how I don't think Labour can win in their current state.

I'm not sure I want Labour to win now. The problem is that Labour can't seem to show any backbone. They were given the opportunity when CERRA was being debated - instead opting for a very soft "we'd rather not have to deal with the media if we objected" and now with the latest copyright law - snuck in as being of importance to the Christchurch Recovery.

So much wrong with this. Rushed through under false pretences. Clare Curren's blog puts a spin on Labour's support for this bill. They made the bill better by objecting to the disconnection clauses - which are still in the bill. They played the cards they were dealt.

But you can't forget the fact that during Labour's last term they were trying to push through Section 92A. They were on the same path. Just how hard did Labour fight this bill? I would suggest that it's perhaps very convenient for Labour for this to happen while National are in power.

In short, neither majour party, in my opinion, is going to give New Zealand the leadership that it so desperately needs in the coming times. Is it time to start looking outside of these parties?

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