Monday, April 18, 2011

Is the Writing on the Wall for Labour?

I've been criticizing the Labour party quite a bit on this blog. TV3 News has released a damning poll today. I never trust these figures as they don't seem all that forthcoming with how they came up with those statistics. Randomly polling is seldom all that random. Whether it's via phone calls or asking people on the street. It's really hard to get this right. As my favourite maths teacher said to my class at the time "There are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics."

The figures though:-  Phil Goff 27% for preferred Prime minister. John Key - 59.9%. The figures for preferred party are very similar.

I was talking to someone who claimed that the decile one area I was in at the time had turned into a National area. The reason being that the Labour candidate and National candidate at the time had been invited to speak to the community. The Labour candidate declined. Meanwhile, the National candidate turned up. Around the same time, both candidates were invited along to a working bee. Again, the Labour candidate declined. The National candidate turned up and brought John Key along who mucked in

Obviously the Labour candidate had absolutely no interest in their constituent. He was arrogant. He put absolutely no effort in given that the electorate was traditionally a Labour area.

Has Labour completely lost the plot? Do they seriously think that they can ignore the writing on the wall? Labour need to:
  1. Stop treating people like idiots and do something about the cracks within their own party. If the members of their own party, such as Judith Tizard and others who declined a seat in parliament, are showing discontent, then truly, what are the rest of us supposed to think?
  2. Get back to good old fashioned campaigning. Listen to what their constituents have to say. Get back to being a voice of the people rather than being the arrogant sods that lost them the last election in the first place.
  3. Select a new leader. Phil Goff can not bring the party together.
  4. Stop trying to spin a soft stance as being in our best interests. Show some backbone.
  5. Stop trying to blame the problems on the symptoms. Labour is in disarray. Admit to it. Show that they're willing to take the steps needed to fix the problem.
Despite my criticisms, I still maintain that we can not afford National to be in for another term. Of course this doesn't mean Labour aren't being, as Baillie would put it, a bunch of dicks.


  1. So, who do you vote for when there's no one you want to vote for? It's times like this that I miss the McGillicuddy Serious Party, you could vote for them to register your lack of confidence in any of the other options.

  2. I do think we need one of those parties. The Bill and Ben Party did it for the last election. Any party with less votes than theirs could be seen as outright ridiculous.

    Of course all of these things have their time. The McGillicuddy Serious Party went out with a bang - tarred and feathered, disestablishment of the party as promised before their last election.

    Bill and Ben however... How did they ever get "Bill" from "Jamie". Anyway - given the profile of this member of the duo, I can't see this party ever having any traction. Besides which, it was more an advertising stunt than anything.

    I reckon we go for the example set out in the movie "Brewsters Millions". Form a party called "None of the Above". In which case, given that I don't see a lot of people having confidence in either party at the moment, have a plan. If ever in a position where we have a seat, then use online communications to get a gauge of what the public want rather than the party making any decisions.