Thursday, April 28, 2011

Has ACT Just Won Themselves Some Seats?

During this whole Don Brash/Rodney Hyde debacle I've had the uneasy feeling that they're doing what Labour should probably be doing. Let's face it. It's been long and drawn out. I'm not sure anyone had any doubts that Don Brash would eventually take over the party.

Let's face it. Neither of those people are ideal. The ACT party, while I find myself sympathizing on some points, how I see those points and how ACT sees those same points is very different.

Baillie would (has) described herself as a non-practising Darwinist. That is, someone who believes (or hopes for) natural selection. I think I fit that category. So I will raise my voice when I feel the government is interjecting in people's life's - even though I have contrary views at times as well (with employment for example, I think there is a place for something or someone to help because the employment landscape is such a mess). I will use phrases such as "personal responsibility" during these times.

ACT takes this to completely different levels. Personal responsibility is more to do with the things that we rely on the regional councils or government for. The idea being that both of these entities should be doing the minimum humanly possible and the rest becomes user pays. Does this sound at all familiar? This is exactly the kind of thing that we scoff at America for. Social healthcare is a communist concept?!?

Could this be an example for Labour? If the Labour Party were to look at this, see the media time it got - and let's face it, ACT is a minor party compared to Labour - I'm willing to bet that this will have an almost instant effect on the polls. So a change in leadership with a commitment to repair what's currently wrong with Labour. A public welcoming of Judith Tizard back into the fold and I think Labour could actually win this election.

Let's get really critical of Phil Goff here. While I've heard he's charismatic in person, this hasn't translated to the media at all. Comments such as "he's completely forgettable" aren't all that uncommon. The Aunty Clark envy is getting really tired. She's gone. The people who remain are part of the party he's now leading. Get over the fact that they might have gotten on with Aunty Clark and start forging your own relationships. However, I think the ship has left the dock on that one.

Of course, now that ACT's done it, can Labour do it without it looking like nothing more than an ill-conceived media stunt?

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