Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome Baillie

Sod it! I'm using her first name. No permission granted!

Anyway, the reason I'm welcoming Baillie is that I've invited her to write on this blog. Heaven knows I'm not the most entertaining of writers and a lot of what I write comes from Baillie anyway. Great man, mediocre woman and all of that ;p

I needed to change the tag line of the blog anyway - there's no longer any cat for this blog not be about.

I had called Baillie last night. I was suddenly feeling anxious. The earthquake in Japan had me really worried. In a completely self-centered, "Why do these things happen to me?" sort of a way, I was worried about Micronesia.

Given how things seem to be falling apart on me - as described in my last blog post - this just felt almost personal. I'm pretty sure the earth didn't move just on my account.

Also there was an earthquake in China/Myanmar yesterday. The frequency of these things has me worried. 2012 doomsday predictions doesn't sound so ridiculous after all. My "I Survived 2000" t-shirt (it doesn't actually exist) is becoming meaningless at a faster rate than I ever anticipated. Ken Ring might not be, as people seem so willing to think, a complete crackpot.

My own opinion is that we should be following scientific enquiry before discounting him. He's stated a hypothesis and has used that to make a prediction. I reckon we should see what happens now. So the 24th of this month could be interesting.

Anyway, a long ramble for something really simple (and a hell of a tangent to earthquakes). I'm rather looking forward to seeing what Baillie comes up with.

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