Sunday, March 13, 2011

NZ Book Month

First, a brief introduction: Hi, I'm Baillie and I'm too sporadic and lazy to write my own blog, so I'm going to guest on Nevyns. Often, when Nev writes something I have an opinion on (surprisingly frequently), I will spend an hour or so on the phone with him telling him he is wrong. Or send him a ranty email that he will post anyway. This way I can complain, and it saves time!

Anyway, yesterday Nev was talking about books, and, it just so happens that it's New Zealand Book Month at the moment. The reason I bring this up, is because I happened to get one of their $5 off bookseller tokens (if you haven't managed to get your grubby little mitts on one yet, apparently Caltex petrol stations have them). Actually, I have several, one for each person in the house who can read (sorry, Josh) so now I can gleefully skip to my local bookshop with my golden ticket in hand to purchase a shiny new book for my shelf.

But what to buy?  Unfortunately Theodora hasn't been released yet. Stella Duffy is one of my favourite authors, please read her darkly mischievous Singling Out The Couples. I kind of had my heart set on Just My Type, because I am a nerd, and I find these sort of books weirdly fascinating. Most of all, I am that person who enjoys sharing little bits of new knowledge with others. Whether they like it, or not.* I was also considering R.H. Morriesons Predicament, a bit late to the game, I know, the movie's been out long enough for a DVD release. Especially considering I live in his hometown (fancy a visit to the residence of one of NZ's top writers? Don't bother, it's a KFC now), on the plus side, I know my local bookshop still has heaps of copies of it from when Hawera hosted the  "World Premiere". Then again, the best part of going to the bookshop with book tokens to burn, is that even though I have an idea of what I might want to buy, I still may be swayed by something new.

*Did you know that the collective noun for a group of peeping toms is a "Godiva"?


  1. hi Baillie (and Nev),
    you can buy Theodora in NZ -
    it's been out there since last year (maybe your local shop doesn't do trade paperbacks?) It's not out in cheaper paperback until June (in the UK), not long after in NZ/Aus I think.
    Great for me that you like Singling, it's an old book for me now, but I love that people still talk about it.
    wishing you happy shopping and joyous NZ Book Month whatever you buy,

  2. Whoa! Baillie! I'm well impressed. One post and you have a bona fide writer responding to a post. Why couldn't I get a better class of audience ;)

  3. This is just too good not to put on the blog. I sent Baillie an email saying "Whoa! Look at you! - Check out the comment on your blog". This is the reply I got back:

    I know - I'm so excited!!!! Jumpy claps all round!

    Now I'm definitely buying her book! And in other news I think I'm just about due to run out of exclamation marks!

    No, still have one there.

    Also - I was just reading Stella Duffy's blog ( (admittedly, I've only ready the last post as I really should do some work), but it gives some sobering figures. Here we are, progressive and giving woman the vote before anyone else and then there are figures that just make you wonder how progressive we really are. While not wanting to dispute the facts or argue them, I'd love to see a more detailed analysis of those figures. (But then I would - I'm a bloke). There's a whole post in here.... one of these days.