Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A day in the life 1

I've been meaning to do various posts on various subjects and everyday I get the same old reminders but never actually remember to do the posts. So instead, I thought I'd do a post that covers all of these subjects while I describe my day.

I'm having one of those mornings again. I'm late. I'm at the bus stop waiting to go into town. There's a guy, simple, talking about random stuff. He's talking with the guy who's just finished work at the 24 hour supermarket. They're talking about work hours.

I can't help but scoff at the whole conversation. I did 11 hour overnight shifts in Hamilton for a good 18 months or so. If you add in the time for us coming in early to have a coffee and talk before work, factor in our dinner break, we'd be there for a good 12 hours easily.

They say something about barely having time for sleep.

Again I scoff quietly to myself. You don't know "barely enough time to sleep" until you've done 110 hours in a week. That was EDS when they were at the point of the project where they were running red, and were being given a last ditch chance to turn the project around. At the time the guy helping me and I were pretty much living with each other - going to work, in a small office on the client's premises and then back into town to my office by around 9pm to try and get some documentation done (although truth be told we'd be so tired by then that the paperwork done was fairly minimal. It was only a few hours until we'd have to be on site again to figure out what had changed in the environment overnight and apply quick fixes in order to keep production going). The only time apart was when we'd gone home to try and get some sleep. Taxis can be scummy in the small hours of the morning.

Finally the bus comes. Down the street there's someone horribly attractive waving. I don't look over my shoulder to see who's behind me. I assume she's waving at someone else. But no. It turns out it's Bird. I let the woman behind me get on the bus first so that I can have a quick two words with Bird.

"Beer and Pizza tonight?"

"Yep. Around 7:30?"


By then I'm rushing onto the bus.

I get into town and I can't help but look at the poster boards by the news paper sellers with disdain. If you were to go on the information on the boards you'd believe that it wasn't a news paper they were selling at all but rather a glossy magazine full of guilty pleasures. This seems to be the best way of describing it. Today it was "Free 100 page lifestyle magazine". This, in my opinion, is rather tame. Last week they had "Amazing Pictures. Croc vs. Lion. See who wins".

I can't help but imagine we're in the middle of some small village in the back of beyond in Thailand. Two roosters enter the ring, only one walks out. Feathers and blood everywhere while men desperately try to place bets. This is morbid curiosity in all it's strangeness.

The day after this it was "The 10 hottest new TV shows of the year". Even this had me rolling my eyes. As well as having nothing to do with news, most of the shows I've really gotten into the last couple of years have been cancelled. Apparently the world isn't ready for the more human sci-fi story of Journeyman or the drama based story of how the Cylons (from Battlestar Galactica) came to be in Caprica. Instead, TV2 has us believing that there is nothing better to watch than America's Funniest home videos (Every day of the week?) or Two and a Half Men - 3 nights of the week. And then there's "Go Girls". A New Zealand made drama which came about to considerable attention given their claims that this would be the hottest thing since a hot thing. I can't find a single person who has watched a single episode and is able to give me their opinion on it. Yep. Sounds hot.

I finally get down to the bottom of town to catch my bus. I curse to myself. I've missed it. I'm going to have to wait another 20 minutes. This is all I need. I'm off to a different school today. Still one in the cluster but not the honeymoon atmosphere of Pt England. There are introductions to be made and a sense of politics to be figured out.

Perhaps I'm not all that late. School kids are piling onto the bus. The start of the year is here though it seems all of the schools are starting at different times. Pt England isn't until next week which means I'm most likely going to miss it entirely given that I'm hopefully travelling next week.

This has been the cause of some frustration as well. The trip is on hold while we figure out what I need to be taking with me. I still haven't done all of my research and my head starts throbbing just thinking about it. I'm actually actively double booking myself now trying to come up with creative ways to fit everything in before I go. Should I put a hold on some project or another? But if I can pull it off I'll be coming back to a lot less stress. It's probably worth the stress now to be able to come back to New Zealand with a clear head and less panic stricken people mobbing me at the airport gates.

I get to the other school to a scene which appeared to only be missing blood. Laptop boxes have been unpacked - but not carefully. Ripped boxes came across as a scene of horror. To my way of thinking, the whole experience of opening up a box to get at the laptop inside is somewhat marred if the box looks like it's already been opened. Even worse if it's appears damaged.

An hour or so later and we're all done. The laptops have been imaged, the BIOS flashed, name tags attached and locked away in a room ready to be handed out (once the other fiddly bits have been dealt with such as money etc.).

Unfortunately, in that hour or so, I have discovered a mistake. A wrong setting in the BIOS that could have some serious undesirable repercussions. I let everyone know and head back to Pt. England school. I'm desperately avoiding having to reopen 300 boxes to check the setting in the BIOS but avoiding it just doesn't make it go away. I'm given the instruction and finally start fixing the mistake

I finally go home around 3:25. My ride (No, I'm not pimping her. She'd be terribly upset if I ever tried any such thing) has a meeting in my area so it's got to be early (besides which, I was well bored of fixing my mistake). We have our usual in depth conversations which are never really remembered. There's the fact that we're supposed to have a conversation about the existence of god except that it's just one of those subjects that is never really going to finish and so we've probably got the right of it. Talk about anything but and then as soon as something that comes up that's related, have a few words about it.

I get home and take out a beer. It's a horribly sticky day and a beer goes down well. It's already past 6 when I look up at the time. Only an hour and a half until I'm up at the pub enjoying beer and pizza with company second to none.

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