Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being Awesome

Quick note: Some of you might have noticed that a few posts have gone missing. It's for no other reason than I haven't gotten permission to talk about the project I was talking about.

I've been thinking about what it really means to be awesome.

And this brings me to Doctor Who. This has become a favourite show of mine. It's brilliant. It started out as an educational show about an alien, "The Doctor", who times travels to the past with human companions. This of course got expanded to include monsters - Daleks and the like.

The latest Doctor, a slightly odd looking actor by the name of Matt Smith, wears a bow-tie and claims that it's "cool". In the Christmas special he elaborates on it by saying something along the lines of "it's cool because I don't care".

So, part of being awesome, in my opinion, is knowing that you're awesome no matter how you look.

In an episode where the Doctor is stuck on what is essentially a train carriage (it's actually some sort of vehicle that protects it's inhabitants from the planet's conditions), the limited number of characters go through a really stereo-typical process of paranoia and mistrust as one of the people in the carriage must be a killer (or rather, an alien entity who possesses the inhabitants of this carriage). At one point, they turn on the Doctor, asking him how he knew what to do and he turns around and says "Because I'm clever".

So someone who knows their own capabilities.

But then, those who I consider truly awesome... They're the ones who are able to see the awesomeness in others. They value the people around them and acknowledge the efforts made by other people. They're able to see outside themselves to see the perspectives of other people despite their own views and opinions on various issues.

I did indicate that there should be an "awesome-ist award". I've been privileged to have a fair few of the most awesome-ist people in my life.

The likes of the OLPC group who put their time into something that is quite often work and is something that software houses pay quite well for (software testing).The Cats and Miss Heathlike Shrub (invented names)

And then there's those who got together to put together a Creative Space in Auckland. The seeding 3 or 4. Those who put the time into going out and presenting an idea to large groups of strangers and the put the time and effort in. Those who came after and ran with the idea - such as Mr C, The Man Upstairs (his name's Ed) and some which I don't want to invent names for but also want to preserve their privacy.

Those who are so passionate about doing something to lift whole communities - quite often through personal sacrifice. This group is probably bigger than you might think. Even those getting paid put in far more time than they were charging for. At the head of this list has to be the Burts.

And those who are friends outside of those 2 groups who I find lift me up rather than bringing me down - Ian and Mrs. Cream. Miss Bird. Miss Bird's Dad.

And these are just the people around me. An awesome-ist award would be a mission to give out. Instead, given that most of the people mentioned on this scaringly long list (and really, I've only really referred to about half the people who deserve to be on this list) read this blog, I'd like thank you all.

You are awesome.

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