Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Whilst I was at the 2nd school Christmas do, I was writing notes for the blog post that essentially criticised that school. A friend of mine said to me that he'd better have a read before I published the post.

Like hell that's going to happen. I've criticised the media quite extensively. One of the things I really hate is the lack of objectivity. It became a game for me during the second gulf war to count the number of times the front page story of the New Zealand Herald stroked the ego of America. We were only really presented with one side of the story. One of the things that really bothered me was that no one seemed to be asking "Why did Iraq suddenly seek to invade Iran in the first place?". They'd lived side by side for years. What had changed?

Being objective is actually really quite hard. While I quite like the people from that school which I, for the most part, criticised, I don't want to compromise my perspective and opinions based on my feelings towards those people. I wanted to present an opinion - how the things I was observing was bringing home just what technology in the classroom was doing for the students. This is much easier when you're given a contrasting point.

Gaining a bit more perspective on the subject is brilliant for me. Being a geek, I quite often don't see the "bytes for the nibbles" as it were. Being able to share that perspective in answer to questions I've been asked previously is just brilliant. Suddenly I'm able to answer those questions.

My criticism of that school is much the same as my criticism of the Tamaki Transformation end of year event. I like the project. I like the people. I do think that with a little more thought it could have been a great event. Part of the criticism was an observation about inclusiveness - where the audience and hosts weren't quite meeting in the middle. That was a criticism of both the audience and the presenters.

So I guess the point here is that while reading the stuff on this blog, it's important to note that:
  1. It's just an opinion. Sure it's my opinion which makes it a little more important but it's still just an opinion ;p
  2. The criticisms expressed (where the media's not concerned) are usually intended as constructive criticism. I wouldn't bother if I didn't in some way feel it was important. Where the media is concerned, I think the whole thing is flawed. Mixing their purpose between "providing the news" and "making money" is just destroying any sort of integrity the media might have had.
While I'm at it, a clarification on those posts that pop up and disappear a few hours later:

Loads of people have seen 'em (I'm surprisingly well read - around 600 hits in a month at the moment and the blog has only been going since mid-October. The numbers have doubled for the first two months and it's looking like I'll have around 800 by the end of this month. Not double but then, it is the holiday period).

The posts in question are those posts where I'm frustrated.

It often helps me to put them down as if writing about it to an audience - which in the case of this blog, I am. They're probably best kept private only it does help me work through them - to make me realise that those negative thoughts don't really have a place within me anymore. It was even better last week when a friend emailed me after having read one of these posts. He seemed almost angry by it - or rather, frustrated with me I think.

If you do read them, it's quite safe to ignore them. If you think that perhaps I'm talking about you - I could be. But I don't think I put myself or my thoughts across terribly well in those posts so please don't read too much into them.

I think the main thing to remember there is that it's all about me. It's self indulgent. I'm trying to get my own head straight. I'm trying to figure out why I have so much difficulty in some aspects of my life - which reminds me of that "Lifeline" ad with the snowball.

Me wanting to ask someone out to the movies is just me wanting to get to know them better where the opportunity to get to know them better doesn't really exist outside of a "special effort" context. That's really not a big deal. It takes me a while to put that sort of thing into perspective though. In which case, frustration happens. A post appears on here. Soon after it disappears again.

In other words, those posts will appear from time to time... It's your choice to ignore the content or take it on board and gain some horribly intimate insight into my mind.

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